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BONUS: Widows, Overlord, A Star Is Born

In this special bonus episode, the boys review three recent flicks: Overlord, Widows, and A Star is Born

Advanced Review: AQUAMAN

The boys give a spoiler-free review (and incessantly bicker over) the latest cinematic attempt from DC, Aquaman.

Ep. 43 -Psycho II, The Beach, Cold Mountain and The Sweatbox (feat. Nate from Before the Cyborgs!)

This week the boys are joined by Nate from Before the Cyborgs to discuss 4 random movies that left them with a mixed bag and some surprises!

Advanced Review: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse

The boys saw one of the best animated superhero movies of all time! Get ready for some major geeking out!

Ep. 42 - Raw, Harry Potter 4, Becoming Cary Grant

This week the boys return to the list with three more movies chosen at random!